Family Solutions is proud to announce Ed & Mary Griffin’s Milestone – 100th Child Placed

Ed and Mary Griffin have been caring for children who need a safe and loving home for almost 16 years.  On February 10, 2017, Ed & Mary were honored with the 100th child placed in their home.  They add value to each child they encounter by committing to sharing their life and love until a safe, permanent home is found.  As the children have grown, many of them continue to stay in contact, spend holidays at the Griffin home and share their lives.  Without caring foster parents, like the Griffins, we could not do what we do.

Ed and Mary are so patient and wise.  Throughout their time as foster parents, they have cared for children of all ages but are currently caring for younger children.  Ed serves as the daily transporter for the children, to visits, Walmart, McDonalds, etc.  Mary is the loving household administrator, ensuring the children’s needs are met as well as showering them with love.  Together they are an unflappable, well-oiled machine.

Many Children’s Services Division (CSD) Social Workers request their home by name because they know that every child placed in the Griffin home will be cared for in a great way.

Family Solutions’ employees celebrated the Griffins by surprising them at their home with flowers, a card, donuts, a shopping spree, dinner out, gas and art commemorating this milestone.  It includes a fitting quote:

“Our fingerprints don’t fade from the lives we’ve touched.”