About Us

Helped Children From 1995 to 2021

Family Solutions provided healthy home environments for neglected and abused youth and non-minor dependents that enabled them to heal and live happy healthy lives. Family Solutions supported reunification of foster children with their biological family; however, when reunification was not possible, we worked with our community partners to find the best permanent plan, which included adoption or guardianship.

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Mission Statement

The mission of Family Solutions was to provide safe and loving homes, families and services that enabled foster children in our care to heal from family trauma and develop into strong, self-reliant, moral adults. We were devoted to nurturing children’s emotional, social, spiritual, academic and physical development. We also strove to support families in establishing healthy, productive, supportive family systems; in so doing, we prepared a supportive home environment in which children can grow.

Service and Population Area

Family Solutions served children and youth between the ages of birth to 18 years of age as well as non-minor dependents to their 21st birthday.

Family Solutions certified Foster Families throughout Butte County. Child placements came primarily from Butte County Children’s Services Division, but occasionally came from surrounding counties (Glenn, Trinity, Yuba, etc.)


Family Life Foundation, Inc., dba Family Solutions is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of community members elected to represent our stakeholders. The Board of Directors is vital to the success of our agency by:

  • Ensuring Family Solutions’ financial success
  • Ensuring that policy decisions are made in accordance with our Mission and Vision Statements
  • Guiding and monitoring the goals of the agency
  • Providing a check and balance system for our Administration
  • …and much, much more.

We are incredibly grateful for each of our Board Members as they volunteer their time in order to ensure the safety and care of the children we serve.

Board President
Tom Ortner, MHA

Sue Taylor

Susan Hubbard, MA
Whit Taylor, MBA, CPA, AAMS